Created by globally respected leadership expert Robin Sharma

The LWT System successfully addresses 3 key concerns that organizations express when seeking performance solutions:

  • Provides long-term opportunities for practice, application and reinforcement so that information is retained and the learning sticks.
  • Ensures the content is engaging and relevant which maintains the learners interest and involvement.
  • Is scalable and capable of being delivered to a globally distributed workforce, from 50 to 100,000 people.


A blended learning approach (live sessions with a LWT facilitator and on-line learning portal)


  • Begins 4 weeks prior to start of in-class workshop.
  • Introduction video from Robin Sharma explaining the Lead Without A Title™" System.
  • The 21 questions Lead Without A Title™ "Effectiveness Assessment" Part 1 - establishes benchmark.
  • The "Leader Who Had No Title" audio book.
  • Online Leadership Assessment to determine the personality and learning style of each participant.
  • Access to material via Learning Management System (LMS).

Facilitator Led In-class Sessions

Participants work through all 8 Modules of the Lead Without A Title™ System.

  • Module 1

    Introduction Leadership 2.0. Now YOU Can Lead Without A Title™ and Become a Game Changer in your Organization.

  • Module 2

    Leading Without A Title™ by Doing World-Class Work.

  • Module 3

    Unleashing Your Productivity and Getting Big Things Done, In the Age of Dramatic Distractions

  • Module 4

    Building a High-Performing Team of Inspired Superstars and Creating a Victim-Free Culture.

  • Module 5

    Leadership by “Wowing” Customers and the Creation of Fanatical Followers of your Brand.

  • Module 6

    Leveraging Change + Turbulent Times to Dominate your Industry.

  • Module 7

    Self-Mastery + Developing a Winning Mindset.

  • Module 8

    The Ultimate Purpose of Leading Without A Title™ and Stepping Into Your Leadership Best.


  • Follow up webinars with the LWT Faculty. Deepens the learning and provides opportunities to discuss any current challenges.
  • Online survey to benchmark results.
  • 45 Weekly Robin Sharma video clips. Each clip averages 2 minutes in length.
  • Access to online social networking portal to stay connected and integrate ideas into daily performance.


For a peak at the Lead Without A Title™ Learning Managment System (LMS) please click here.

Please use:
Username: Demo
Password: LWTdemo

A Message from Robin Sharma

The main aim of my life is to help you, and others just like you, Lead Without A Title™ and play at your absolute best. So to help you grow even more inspired to work at wow and play at your peak, I put together a VERY special training video (it’s only a few minutes long) that will really move you into action and show you what Leading Without A Title™ is all about.

I’m asking for your help. I want this video to inspire / uplift many lives. And I want people from every walk of life all over the world to discover that they really can Lead Without A Title™! Whether you are a CEO, a student, a fire fighter or a teacher, you have the opportunity – responsibility – to lead in your work and within your life.