Robin Sharma: The 3 Simple Steps to Destroy Your Life

October 1, 2017 by admin

We have inherent in us the fire to be creative, the fire to love and the love to be . We live in wonder, look for places to be curious, and desire to be heros.  We are present in the moment. This is the real us. And then we destroy it all for being ordinary.

Society Congratulates us for conforming and to that we kill our inner genius, put out the fire and start to care instead of Love.

Step #1 : Trying to Fit when you don’t in will destroy You

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We have stopped living in wonder.  We wanted to be heros and generals.  But we thought that the world wanted us to be foot soldiers.  So we dismounted our horses and started to run with the crown.  Stopped being present in our souls and to every moment.  Instead we traded in our first class presence for mediocrity.

Step #2: Joining the herd to fit in will destroy you

At the start you truly believed you were a giant, brave and strong and fierce.  You served well so people could you your shoulders to see far.  But then you restored into the self and only looked out for yourself.

You thought he you were making your own rules .  But lied to yourself and chose to follow the rules. So you chose to live someone else’s life.


Step #3: You stop to serve and become about yourself

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